1. A substance that is applied as a liquid or paste, and dries into a solid coating that protects or adds color/colour to an object or surface to which it has been applied.
  2. (in plural paints) A set of containers or blocks of paint of different colors/colours, used for painting pictures.
  3. (basketball, slang) The free-throw lane. Always used with the.
    The Nimrods are strong on the outside, but not very good in the paint.
  4. (paintball, slang) Paintballs
    I am running low on paint for my marker.

5 letters in word "paint": A I N P T.

Anagrams of paint:

Words found within paint:

ai ain ait an ani ant anti apt at in it ita na nap nat nip nipa nit pa pain pan pant pat pi pia pian pin pina pint pit pita ta tai tain tan tap ti tin tip

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